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Scappoose Bay Restoration Plan

09 029 1Client: Scappoose Bay Watershed Council

In 2000, the Scappoose Bay Watershed Council (SBWC) completed a watershed assessment for the streams that enter Scappoose Bay. The watershed assessment identified several areas of concern affecting watershed and ecosystem health. Of particular concern was the potential impact that incision has on channel and floodplain interaction and the ability of the stream to support and maintain good aquatic habitat. A five mile stretch of South Scappoose Creek that flows through the City of Scappoose was determined to be a high priority reach for further assessment. It was identified as a priority for further assessment due to local concerns about erosion and flooding and the opportunities to enhance conditions for salmon and other organisms.

In 2008, SBWC contracted with Waterways to prepare an assessment of the five miles of South Scappoose Creek. The study identified the impacts that led to the current degraded condition and recommended a comprehensive, long-term strategy to improve the physical habitat. The strategy focused on identifying sub-reaches, or management zones, that were assigned specific restoration actions based on site conditions. Following completion of the restoration plan, Waterways has been assisting SBWC with design and implementation of high priority projects, as funding becomes available. To date, four of the projects have been designed and implemented and one project is currently in the design phase.

The implemented projects include the following:

1) Snook Property Restoration: Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of material was removed from an eroding bank to create a bench, lower the bank angle, and revegetate the site. Eight engineered log structures were also installed.

2) Scappoose Confluence: Located at the confluence of North and South Scappoose Creek, six engineered log structures were installed, two side channels were reactivated, and large wood was placed on the reconnected floodplain.

3) South Scappoose Veterans Park Restoration: Located in Management Zones G & H the project included stabilizing and revegetating approximately ½ mile of South Scappoose Creek by laying back banks, creating inset floodplain benches, and reconnecting historic meanders that were abandoned due to channel incision. Large wood structures were also strategically integrated into the project reach to enhance local habitat conditions.

4) North Scappoose Habitat Enhancement: Approximately ¼ mile of North Scappoose Creek was enhanced with large wood structures and a bank layback to improve instream habitat and floodplain connectivity. Adjacent landowners were consulted to limit conflicts associated with past flooding and bank erosion.

5) South Scappoose Management Zone F: Waterways is currently in the design process to support SBWC and the City of Scappoose to restore instream, floodplain and riparian habitat along Management Zone F on South Scappoose Creek. The City is in the process of developing a municipal park that will be complimented by restoration of South Scappoose Creek and use of the site for passive recreation and interpretive signage that discuss restoration goals and objectives.

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