Santa Cruz, CA
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  Portland, OR
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Our Company

watways about tnWaterways is a small, full-service engineering and environmental consulting firm focused on planning, assessment, and restoration of surface water environments. Waterways has offices in Santa Cruz, California and Portland, Oregon, serving clients throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. We offer consulting services to private companies and individuals, local, state, and federal agencies, special districts, and non-profits. We pride ourselves in our creativity, responsiveness and dedication to completing projects on schedule and on budget.

Waterways employs a unique team of hydrologists, geomorphologists, fisheries biologists, land surveyors, and civil engineers to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet the habitat conservation and restoration planning needs of our clients. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to address a wide variety of natural resource management needs, including focused or watershed-wide assessments, fisheries habitat conservation planning, river engineering (e.g. bridges and culverts, bank stabilization, flood control works), and detailed ecological restoration designs. Our broad range of complementary services, coupled with our strong partnering history, allows us to serve our clients by conducting nearly every aspect of natural resource management and restoration design. Combining science and engineering services under one roof allows us to move recommendations forward from planning through permitting and construction, while always maintaining a clear understanding of science-based project objectives and constraints.

We remain on the forefront of stream restoration science by continually investing in tools, training and research to apply the latest knowledge and technology to best serve our projects and clients. We have successfully applied our skills and experience in settings ranging from isolated wilderness streams to highly urbanized systems. We strongly encourage you to examine our long list of completed projects and satisfied clients to gain an appreciation for our commitment to excellence and an understanding of how Waterways can serve you.


Mission Statement


We pride ourselves in developing creative solutions to complex natural resource management challenges, serving a diverse range of clients from project inception through project implementation and monitoring. 

We are committed to using available resources wisely to protect, improve and restore the natural environment. We recognize that solutions must often balance a myriad of competing interests, incorporate self-sustaining process-based principles, and remain cost effective during the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance phases. With this in mind, we focus on work quality, efficiency and effectiveness, and stay intimately involved in project implementation and monitoring to foster constant innovation and refinements to our design process and products. We believe that Waterways is optimally sized to offer quality work at a reasonable cost, while providing principal level involvement throughout the entire planning, design, and implementation process.