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Jackson Creek Restoration Plan

2013 09 20 13 45 42 webClient: Oregon Parks and Recreation

Waterways Consulting recently completed a restoration plan for Jackson Creek and Netarts Creek for the OPRD at Cape Lookout State Park. The focus of the effort was to evaluate the hydrology, geomorphology, and habitat conditions of Jackson Creek, the principle stream that flows through Cape Lookout. Approximately 60 years ago, a portion of Jackson Creek was diverted to Netarts Bay to increase freshwater flows into Netarts Bay with the hope of improving the commercial oyster beds. Impacts associated with the diversion and associated flow split were addressed in the restoration plan as well as opportunities for enhancement of the Jackson Creek mainstem downstream of the diversion site.

Proposed enhancements included blocking off the diversion channel, addressing fish passage at a park crossing, redesign of the Parks water intake structure to protect fish, and placement of large wood to store coarse bedload and reconnect adjacent floodplain. Opportunities to enhance habitat on Netarts Creek were also addressed to mitigate for aquatic habitat and wetland impacts associated with removal of the diversion channel.

OPRD, in partnership with the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, received funding to design and implement three of the projects identified on Jackson Creek. Those projects included blocking the diversion channel to Netarts Bay and enhancing stream and wetland functions at the former flow split, removing unneeded infrastructure at the diversion intake structure located in the floodplain of Jackson Creek, and fixing a fish passage barrier at the mouth by removing a ford crossing and replacing it with a bridge. Waterways prepared the engineering drawings for each of these projects, assisted OPRD to obtain grant funding, supervised construction, and prepared as-built drawings. Construction at the three project sites occurred in summer 2013.

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